Eye Surgery

Local Care with Your Optometrist before and After You See Your Helena Eye Surgeon

Our staff of optometrists at Montana Eyecare in Helena will be sure that you are prepared for your eye surgery. We provide before and after care and information that will help put your mind at ease.

Local Care with Your Optometrist before and After You See Your Helena Eye Surgeon

How We Provide Pre-Surgery Care

More often than not, eye problems are caught when you come into our optometry office for your regular eye exams. We know your history and recognize changes in your vision quickly. When surgery or prescription medications are required, we will refer you to a Helena eye surgeon. But making the referral isn't all your optometrist will do. As an example, let's suppose your optometrist noticed that you have developed a cataract.

The Helena eye surgeon relies on your optometrist to determine whether the cataract is sufficiently advanced that surgery is needed. There are surgical procedures that can only be performed when a cataract is at least a certain size. Your optometrist will determine the size of the cataract.

There are certain kinds of replacement lenses (progressive lenses, for example), that can't be implanted in patients who have diabetic retinopathy. Your eye surgeon relies on your optometrist to have looked for early signs of retinopathy that may affect the choice of lens.

And the eye surgeon will be concerned about the health of other structures in the eye, and whether they will be affected by your cataract surgery. Your optometrist will send a report on the safety of any potential surgery even before you see your Helena eye surgeon.

The same kind of procedure applies to other kinds of eye surgery. Your eye surgeon knows eye surgery best. Your optometrist knows you best.

How We Provide Post-Surgery Care

We will make sure you get and you use the medications that help your eye heal with scar tissue after an operation. Your optometrist will prescribe new lenses (or tell you that you don't need lenses), make sure you are adjusting to your new level of eyesight, and answer your questions about your surgery. Your optometrist gives you continuing care. See your eye doctor at Montana Eyecare for care before and after local eye surgery.

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You don't have to start all over with a new eye doctor when you need eye surgery. Let Montana Eyecare help you through the process of getting ready for surgery, understanding your procedure, and enjoying your improved sight. Make your appointment online or call us at (406) 443-2121.


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