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Comprehensive Eye Care Services For People Of All Ages

Making sure you have regular eye exams is a vital part of you being able to maintain your sight. Here at Montana Eyecare in Helena, our optometry team is dedicated to the mission of helping people take care of their eyes. Here in our clinic, our doctors perform comprehensive eye exams, and a host of other eye care services to help people maintain their vision. Here are a few of the services we offer.

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There are a number of symptoms associated with diseases of the eye. Our team of practitioners is here to discuss any concerns our patients have regarding the health of their eyes. If we discover an underlying eye condition, we sit down and discuss their options regarding treatment, and we make a recommendation based on our expertise. Because our doctors believe in the team approach we work with our patients to develop a plan of treatment they are comfortable with. 

Lasik Surgery

If patients choose to correct their vision with a Lasik procedure we are happy to discuss this option with them. After a thorough assessment of the eyes and the risk associated with the procedure for the individual, we will schedule and perform the procedure. We use Lasik to treat hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism.

Glasses and Contacts

Our optometry team works with our patients to determine if contacts or eyeglasses would suit their situation. We recognize people have preferences which reflect their level of comfort and their lifestyles. Our doctors provide contact fitting exams; we work with patients who have had difficulties being fitted with contacts in the past.

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Here at Montana Eyecare in Helena, we treat patients of all ages. We know that a lot of vision problems can be prevented if eye exams are started when people are in their early stages of life. To schedule an appointment to schedule an exam or to learn more about our services, call us at (406) 443-2121.


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