Conditions Treated

Eye Conditions Treated By Our Helena Optometry Team

At Montana Eye Care, we tailor all our eye care services to fit our patients’ unique vision and eye conditions. Whether you have a refractive error, a chronic eye condition, or strange new symptoms that you want to address, our optometry team will make sure your diagnosis is accurate and your treatment is completely customized. Our goal is not just to relieve your symptoms; our eye doctors want to understand the source and severity of your eye care problems, so that we can find long-term solutions.

Eye Conditions We Treat

Eye Conditions We Treat

If you have an eye condition, your Helena eye doctor will work with you to protect your vision and improve your overall eye health. Don’t wait any longer to seek the treatments you need.

Here are some of the most common conditions we treat at our Helena optometry center:

    • Refractive errors, including nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia, or presbyopia if it occurs gradually) to blurred vision (astigmatism)
    • Amblyopia, also known as “lazy eye”, which affects the communication between your brain and eye muscles  
    • Glaucoma, an age-related disease that can lead to vision loss and is impossible to detect in its early stages without a comprehensive eye exam  
    • Macular degeneration, a very common disorder that causes blurry or fuzzy vision
    • Pink eye, a common bacterial infection
    • Dry eye, especially chronic dry eye caused by an inability to produce sufficient tears
    • Allergies that cause dryness, redness, or irritation
    • Keratoconus, a progressive condition that cause the corneas to bulge outward
    • Cataracts, cloudy formations that impede vision over time

Our Eye Care Services for Common Eye Conditions

Your treatment plan will depend on your individual diagnosis, including how far your condition has progressed. Here are some of the eye care services we offer for common eye conditions:

    • Corrective lenses, such as prescription eyeglasses or specialty contact lenses, customized to correct your exact refractive error(s) and accommodate the shape and size of your eyes
    • Vision therapy exercises to help you retrain your eyes (if your condition is caused by poor communication or coordination of the muscles)
    • Prescription eye drops or simple tear duct procedures to stimulate the production of tears

Schedule an Appointment for Eye Care in Helena

Do you have symptoms of a common eye condition? Our optometry team is currently accepting new patients, and they want you to get the relief you deserve.  

Call (406) 443-2121 to schedule an appointment with a Helena optometrist at Montana Eyecare.


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